How to Cook Beef for All

Cooking beef for all is certainly possible. If you do not live in Argentina, you are probably not going to cook and eat delicious beef for a while. There is a possibility that cattle reared in Argentina produce the best of all beef products. If you want to cook beef for all your family members, then make sure that you are following the great details which have been listed below now.
Butcher with a steak

It is not really easy to cook beef as you may be thinking. When cooking beef, make sure that you have access to these ingredients;

  • diced onions
  • fresh beef
  • 1 beef bouillon
Turn on your stove and start boiling water in your saucepan. Make sure that you have washed your fresh beef and cut off all the fat found on them. It is always important to buy your fresh beef from slaughterhouses which are very tidy. You do not want to eat meat purchased from the wrong abattoir.

Dump your fresh beef into your saucepan after it starts boiling the water which is found inside it. Now, make sure that you add your diced onions to the boiling meat. Also, add your beef bouillon to the boiling meat. About 11 grams of beef bouillon will be good enough to make the beef taste very good. Cover your saucepan after adding the beef bouillon to your boiling meat. Cook your beef for about 15 minutes. It takes more than 1 hour to perfectly cook most beef reared in sunny areas. Some cattle have hardened flesh. If you are cooking a non-American beef, you will probably cook it for 1 hour in order to make the meat very tender.


  • Do not cook your beef with a lot of water so that you can steam it well.
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