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How to Write Articles Which Include No Money

Some authors have started writing articles on their own blogs because they want to make money online. Such freelancers do nothing but write articles which contain the keyword money. There is nothing wrong about writing financial articles and including the term money in them. However, some bloggers use money in almost all their articles because they think it is a fantastic word. Using the keyword money in your articles will not increase their chances of producing traffic. If using such a keyword boosted traffic to a website, then there would not be any sports or health writers.
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  • Basically, you will be able to write articles which do not include money if you stop remaining childish. Only childish writers write articles which talk about how to make $5000 a month and offer no valuable information. If $5000 a month is easy to make through writing content online, then how come many freelancers make less than $500 a year? Write articles which make sense unless you are already an eHow writer. eHow writers only write articles and insert money into them so that they can get paid. You will not be writing articles which include the term money if you write for humans. It is overly certain that silly articles written for search engines are likely to contain money in them. Do not write an article about herbal medicines and use a spam technique to insert the keyword money into it.
  • Write articles which talk about content websites like eHow, Knol (wiki), Associated Content (AC) and Bukisa if you want to have problems dodging the keyword money. Surprisingly, many useless articles talk about how to make money on eHow and other content websites. If you are a novice freelancer who has no experience in writing, do not create a speculative website soon. There is absolutely no way a freelancer will survive online through creating silly articles which teach people how to make money online.

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