How to Design a Blog by WordPress or Blogger

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Designing a blog by WordPress or Blogger is not as hard as you think. There are many blogging platforms which allow professional bloggers to create blogs without going through so many troubles. Creative artists may not be able to create videos and pictures without having access to quality website publishing tools. Fortunately, publishing platforms which are offered by WordPress and Blogger allow many freelancers or bloggers to generate their own designs for blogs. The truly amazing tips below show you how to design a blog by WordPress or Blogger.
You will be able to design a blog by WordPress by making sure that you stop using its free service. Having access to your WordPress template will be very possible if you are not allowing the company to offer you a subdomain. Of course WordPress provides free hosting services to bloggers looking for subdomain names but make its templates non-editable . If you are looking to take advantage of themes you can incorporate into your WordPress blog, then make sure that you are using its premium services. Get a domain name by WordPress and you will be able to design your blog fully well.

Blogger makes it easy to design your blog. If you want to have access to a template you can design with ease, then use the services which are offered by Blogger. Blogger is 10 years old and keeps changing so you will have access to great features when using this particular blogging platform.


  • Understanding HTML and javascript codes will give you an opportunity to configure themes which form your blog into a very beautiful one. You will have what it takes to turn a Blogger template into a very unique one if you sharpen your knowledge about HTML. Use the website of to broaden your knowledge about CSS and XML when aiming to design a WordPress or Blogger blog.

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