How to Stop Starving in Africa

African leaders are exact puppets who follow these groups controlling banks in all countries. If you live in Africa, be prepared to starve to death in the upcoming years. The Antichrist will control Africa so that you all burn in hell unless you find him by your consciousness. When the Number of the Beast is released, Africa will suffer since people living in the continent will have to follow orders from the beast. Sadly, many Africans will not be able to prevent starvation from killing them when the time comes.
Census Begins In Africa�s Largest Slum

  • Africa is blessed with food and thick forests so start hoarding food if you want to stop starving in the continent. There are plentiful foods in virtually all African countries. Start opening your eyes because these greedy banks will not feed you all the time. Grow your own food and pray that the Antichrist does not kill all of you. The Holy Scriptures need to be fulfilled and Africans will be the ones who will face wars as Revelation revealed. War is tantamount to starvation. Even developed nations will starve when the Antichrist morphs well. Do not live in the Southern area of Africa because the war will possibly emerge from there and spread to the whole continent. All kingdoms in Africa are bound to start wars so do not pay attention to nuclear weapons.
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