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How to Write Articles and Get Paid

Writing powerful articles online and getting paid for your efforts is a common thing these days. Both novice and experienced professional writers are using the internet to generate passive income. It is not very hard to generate passive income through writing articles on websites which make sense. Here are some great hints which will allow you to write excellent articles and get paid via definite ways.


  • Use your own blog to create articles and monetize it through Google AdSense. YPN is for great websites and blogs. Obviously, you do not have to waste your time on eHow, Associated Content, Textbroker and similar websites before you can get paid to freelance. A blog which is doing fine and generating substantial traffic by search engines will allow you to make money online. Start writing articles via your own Blogger or WordPress blog and you will be getting paid soon.
  • Start using content mills if you want to write articles and get paid as a professional freelancer. Break Media’s strategies as a content mill company is working as the ones which are being used by Demand Media. Become a Break Studios writer if you want to write articles and get paid for your efforts. Both companies seem to enjoy working with only American writers but things could change in the future.

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