How to Write SEO Articles Online for Money

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A good freelancer needs to know how to create outstanding articles which are very search-optimized. Of course, Indians lack the creativity levels to write SEO articles unlike efficient American English speakers who spend their time enhancing technology to a great extent. You should hire a wise American to write your freelancing works for you and search engines will love them at the end of the day. However, if you cannot afford to pay freelancers to develop original content on your blogs or websites for you, then check out the excellent tips below so that you can send bountiful search engine traffic to them.


  • Write in a proper English language and search engines will index your articles. Currently, Google has been using algorithmic calculations to configure its search engine crawlers to index genuine documents. Search engine spiders don’t index content that are written improperly anymore. As stated earlier, you cannot hire some Indian writer to write articles on your website and expect it to become a success in Google Search engine results.
  • Send your content to search engines directly. Register for a Google Webmaster Tools account and adding your blog’s RSS feeds to it will help you to write SEO articles online for money (passive income). Remember you will make nothing from publishing stale documents on your website or blog especially when planning to serve Google ads. If it was easy to make money through updating blogs with unoriginal works, spammers in India would be rich. Search engine optimization skills cannot be gotten without relying on keywords that are shown to you when you utilize Yahoo! Site Explorer and Microsoft’s Webmaster Center services.

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