How to Stop Eating Feces

Feces is something you should be willing to eat even if you don't have access to food. Any person who wants to eat poop is asking for big trouble. You will get sick if you eat feces hence always make the right decisions. It's apparent that you will not be able to eat filthy feces and duck a slight disease like diarrhea. No, dogs aren't the only living things which need to be trained so that they cans top eating feces. In many parts of the world, human beings feast on feces too. Right, men and women are munching on palatable foods that are made with abhorrent feces. Feces-eating human beings live in both developed and undeveloped nations these days. So, expect to find feces-eating entities in the United States, Germany and India because many civilizations are very tolerant around the world.
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  • You cannot become a homosexual if you want to stop eating feces. What happens when a man performs oral sex on his male partner after he knows him via his butt? There is a high possibility that homosexuals eat feces more than many breeds of dogs. You are only going to become a feces-eater if you do not stop having abominable sex and become a real man. Also, men and women who eat feces to get paid as pornographers are the most the coprophagous human beings on earth. In Germany, some human beings are able to eat feces for money and many people who enjoy odd entertainment watch their acts as they love pornographic materials.
  • Also, you should not eat with the same spoons and forks used by homosexuals or toilet movie makers unless you want to taste the same matter they enjoy consuming. You should not underestimate the aforecited statement if you live in a household containing a homosexual or feces eater. It's imperative not to use unclean spoons that are used by homosexuals or people who are likely to eat feces when planning to prevent diarrhea from killing you. God created men so that they could marry women and produce babies. Unfortunately, gays are stealing precious babies because they cannot create them without depending on straight people.

The details above are targeted at people who value healthy lifestyles and hate the disease diarrhea.
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