How to Stop Blogging for Money

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Do you plan to stop blogging for money? Some bloggers create blogs to make money and aren’t interested in writing genuine content for their readers to read. If you are planning to become a professional blogger, you will probably start blogging for money. Professional bloggers create blogs and produce many types of content on the internet so that they can serve CPM and CPC ads on them. Excellent professional bloggers don’t plan to stop blogging for money because they run blogs to generate annual revenues. Here are some tips to help you to stop blogging for money on WordPress or Blogger blogs in the future.
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In order to stop blogging for money, you need to create unique content on web pages and leave no ads on them. Serving Google AdSense ads on a blog may cause your readers to think that you are only concerned about making passive income online. The more Google AdSense ads you place on a WordPress blog, the higher your chances of exposing yourself to its visitors as a greedy blogger. You must not act like a professional blogger if you want to stop blogging for money month-after-month. Millionaire bloggers seem to serve different types of CPC advertisements on their blogs. If you are only looking to write articles for fun, stay away from ad networks.
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If you want to stop blogging for money, then create simple posts. Writing articles that are worth 1000 words should not become a priority to you if you want to stop blogging for money. You don’t have to create spam content if you are not blogging for money. Just create meaningful posts frequently but limit the number of words you use to support them when planning to blog for nothing on the internet. Bloggers who want to share their thoughts with the world without making money don’t spend hours creating their posts unless they are highly intelligent.

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