How to Change a URL to Embed Code

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Many bloggers who have setup weblogs through using excellent blog software as WordPress, Blogger and TypePad or Movable Type depend on URLs when they are creating web pages which are embedded with codes. Of course, if you own a website and plan to build good web pages that are loaded with outstanding content (videos, articles, images) on it, you will have to know how to change a URL to an embedded code. Website builders need to know how to carry out basic activities that allow them to get web pages to function positively well. The simple tech tips below show you to change or convert URLs to embedded codes so that you can show important documents (.TXT, .PDF) on your new site.


  • If you want to change a URL to embed code, you will need to use the website of hence click on the link below the resources.
  • As you are signed on to the recommended site, embed your chosen URLs link tvia using the best section of it.
  • Use Twitter, Yahoo, Google, AOL, WordPress, OpenID third-party accounts to utilize the service if you live in a location like the United States of America.
  • Customize your URL links and produce embedded codes, links and thumbnails. Also, allow your end product to be downloadable, printable and private or public.
  • Add a markup to any files you upload to the site of to convert them into embedded codes which can be placed in sections of websites that accept HTML and javascript codes.



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