How to Get Rid of Content Farms

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AOL owns seed and Demand Media controls eHow as well as LIVESTRONG but you can get rid of all of them if you make the right plans. You do not have to become a freelancer for content mills especially if you are planning to become a very rich person in the future. The only content farm writers who are able to make money on the web are the ones who own Blogger or WordPress blogs which produce high levels of search engine traffic everyday. Web writers who want to produce the right passive income levels must make sure that they not favoring these shitty content farms which have been destroying the web with impure content for awhile. Here are some smart tips on how to get rid of bad content farms which employ the most shittiest writers and editors to work for them.
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  • In order to get rid of content farms, you need to be unwilling to work for pennies. You are wasting your time on the web if you are a Suite101 or Demand Studios writer. There is no way you will make a dime by writing articles for Suite101or Demand Studios especially if their sub-par editors keep rejecting your works. Plan to disfavor all content mill companies if you want to get rid of them soon.
  • Operate your own LLC businesses on the web. If you are a professional blogger or freelancer, you should be willing to setup your own web properties instead of wasting your time on these insulting content mills which seem to be destroying search engines with bad articles these days. You do not have to publish articles for a greedy fat owner of a content farm if you own a very positive blog which generates excellent search engine traffic. Develop a blog which can give you a chance to make $1,000 to $5,000 monthly from serving Google AdSense ads on it if you are planning to duck bad content farms.


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