How to Store Similar Email Messages by Gmail

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Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Hotmail and Gmail are three different email service providers which offer many people great opportunities to communicate via virtual means. If you have bought an Apple iPad tablet computer or use Apple iMac, there is no way you will not be able to compose email messages when surfing the internet. Nowadays, people just sit behind their computers and use emails to send messages to their friends or family members instead of mailing letters to them via postal services. There is very little doubt that technology hasn’t impacted the way communication is carried out in this contemporary world we are living in at the moment. If you are looking to store similar email messages by Gmail, then check out the simple tips below now.


  • Firstly sign up for a free Gmail account which gives you over 7000 MB to store valuable document on the internet. You will be able to store similar email messages by maintaining a good Gmail account. Currently, Gmail is free to utilize for composing and receiving email messages. If you wanted to store similar email messages by Gmail, you would have to open a free account through its online platform.
  • Sign into your account with your password and username now. Doing this will allow you to have access to your settings.
  • Click on the button that allows you to create labels and click on manage labels.
  • Create a new label and always move your read emails to it to store them for future references. Backup every message you receive to your Gmail account via this label to create a storage of files which are very similar. You will be able to organize large or small files you receive in email messages from your business associates through taking advantage of this great Gmail feature.

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