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You can apply to write for Suite101 even if you are not a writer who is based in California. American and Canadian writers who are looking to generate passive income on Suite101 will probably love the content farm as it is not different from Demand Studios or Break Studios. Suite101 is a content mill which allows writers to write articles about topics they love so that they can publish them on the web to make money. If you are looking to write articles on a website like Suite101 so that you can make passive income, then review the excellent information in this post.
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  • Make sure that you are a professional freelancer if you want to become a successful Suite101 content creator. The editors on the online magazine of Suite101 can cause you to work for hours if your writing is extremely poor. You will not be making millions of dollars monthly by writing content on Suite101 if all your articles are getting flagged because the possibly disrespectful editors on that online magazine think your works are below average. Plan to write about topics you understand and stop concentrating on SEO when writing articles for this particular website unless you want to waste your time as a web writer.
  • If you want to want to write articles for Suite101 and be able to make enough money, then increase your portfolio. Contributing writers who have written more than 100 articles on Suite101 make more money every month unless their works keep getting removed by editors who do not know how to use thesauruses. Some of the complaints on Suite101′s forum come from writers who have not written more than 300 articles on it. So, it is possible that if you do not write more than 100 articles within three months of joining Suite101 as a newbie, you would quit producing content on it. Currently, Suite101 can be regarded as eHow because they are all depending on content mill writers to stay alive on the web.


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