Penalties: Copyright or Trademark Infringement

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There are penalties criminals have to face when they distribute copyrighted materials illegally. The number of content thieves who are stealing copyrighted articles and images on the web is certainly high. Many content thieves are ruining the copyright and trademark licenses of artistic people who produce genuine content on the web everyday. The internet has given content thieves many opportunities to ruin the works of excellent web writers who rely on their WordPress and Blogger blogs to make money month-after-month. Becoming a photographer and starting an online business through building a website which enables you to sell unique images on the web may become a problem for you when spammers start attacking your plans.

The penalties content thieves can face may be criminal or civil in many developed nations. In the United States of America, software creators can file criminal lawsuits in courts to have infringers jailed while receiving monetary compensations. Stealing someone’s article on the internet may not prevent you from being sued in a court as a criminal and paying him $150,000 in statutory damages. Yes, criminal and civil lawsuits can be filed against people who steal songs, articles, images and videos from creative individuals on the web. Copyright infringement cases will be boosted in the upcoming years as the internet grows rapidly. Basically, many news companies are going to be targeting ISPs and hosting companies so that they can take advantage of contributory infringement and vicarious liability as poor bloggers keep making litigants angry.


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