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Well-optimized articles can increase a website chances of gaining the right number of daily visitors. It’s very apparent that the daily visitors to new blogs and websites increase if they contain excellent SEO articles. The higher the quality of the content on a website, the lower its chances of yielding poor traffic reports year-after-year. Search engines are very likely to index original articles which contain quality indexable HTML documents within seconds. Generally, Google Search indexes fresh copyrighted articles within 60 seconds and there is a high probability rate that its crawlers are becoming fully powerful these days. Possibly, Yahoo Search and Bing have a lot of work to do in order to gain the same momentum Google Search is experiencing at the moment. A few smart information have been written in this article to show you how to use just photos for promoting the SEO of a website on the internet.


  • Write unique articles and quality spiders which index content will love them. If you want to use photos for promoting SEO on the internet, publish exceptional articles on your website. Hire good freelancers to publish content on your website if you want it to show great traffic details on either Compete or Alexa. 
  • Optimize your site’s articles with pictures from PicApp and Flickr. Flickr contains some images which are under Creative Commons licenses and support efficient search engine optimization techniques. Usually, it takes less than a week for PicApp photos to boost the SEO of compelling articles. It’s very possible that Google Images loves PicApp photos. Insert original pictures in blog posts you create on the web and its chances of gaining a high Google PageRank may be high. Always stop content thieves from hotlinking your images when paying monthly hosting fees to companies which support bloggers.

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