2 Ways to Improve the SEO of a WordPress Blog

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Well, if you are a blogger and blogging on a WordPress publishing platform, there many processes you need to go through in order to get your photography or news blog to attract search engine traffic. Blogs which receive good search engine traffic tend to become profitable eventually. Of course, WordPress, Blogger and Movable Type blogs which are still active on the web can be developed to attain positive SEO levels. The more quality the SEO of a WordPress blog gets, the lower its chances of generating low annual revenues for its owner.

  1. Improving the SEO of a WordPress blog may not become a problem for you when you publish original articles on it. Search engines index original content quickly and rank them very well. Google Search, Bing and Yahoo Search crawlers are willing to index original content from WordPress blogs if they are being updated on a daily basis. Create useful non-stale content on your WordPress blog to improve its SEO.
  2. Create backlinks and link them to original posts you publish on a WordPress blog. You will have to join search tags to your WordPress blog posts and link them to external web pages on the web. Use social networking websites (Digg, Mixx) to build outbound links to web pages that are connected to your WordPress blog if you want to change its overall SEO level.

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