How to Store Bookmarks From Chrome

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Bookmarks can be stored on a web browser like Google Chrome. If you know how to keep bookmarks stored on Firefox or Safari, you will have no problems doing the same on Google’s Chrome. Storing bookmarks from Chrome can be done at the touch of a button. If you are new to Google Chrome and want to know how to store bookmarks on it, this article will help you to do that.


  • Open your Google Chrome web browser if you want to store bookmarks from it. Look for a copy of your Chrome program from your desktop to access it. After opening your Google Chrome web browser, you will be ready to store some bookmarks on it. Google Chrome automatically makes backups for its users when they store certain URL locations on it. So, you do not have to worry about losing your bookmark data when using it for storing websites on the internet.
  • Visit some websites to bookmark them from Chrome. When you are facing websites being ran through Google Chrome, click on the icon which allows you to view your bookmarks. Modern Chrome browsers will show three bars (not the former wrench image) as its icon. You will have to click on that icon in order to store bookmarks from Chrome. Once that icon is opened, there will appear a section for locating the “Bookmarks” location. Scroll onto that location and click on the button which enables you to book “pages.” Select the kind of folder you want to store your bookmarks in and you will be done. It is that simple to store bookmarks from Google’s Chrome web browser.

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