Identify and Filter Junk Mail in iCloud

There are various filters which keep your mailbox from getting flooded with spam mail. But somehow junk finds its way in our inbox anyway. iCloud makes use of technology and analyzes trends to separate junk mail from your inbox. Even though there are measures that are taken by iCloud to keep the junk mail from reaching your inbox, there’s no surefire way which completely banishes the spam. So to ensure that no junk mails make their way to your inbox we have compiled a list of tips that you can use to do it. Read on to find how you can significantly reduce the number of junk you receive in your inbox.

1. If you identify an email as spam, don’t open it

When you get an email and you believe it to be a junk mail then it’s best to leave it unread and delete it. Once you open up a junk mail it sends an alert to the person who sent the mail that his message was opened up by the recipient. This can lead to more junk mail making its way to your inbox. This tip can significantly help you in junk removal.

2. To prevent spam from your mail box, use an iCloud email alias

You can use an iCloud email alias to keep the junk from making its way to your primary account. By having an email alias, you will have a separate account for making subscriptions, signing up on websites, and making online purchases. You can keep your first account for having conversations with friends and family members, and sending out professional emails. Doing this will help you get a lot less junk mail on your primary account because spammers usually get your email address through the online purchases and subscriptions that you make.

To create an iCloud email alias, you need to go to your email account and click on the action menu. By further clicking on preferences and then accounts tab next you will be able to reach “Add an alias” button. Now that you have gotten to it, you can easily create an alias. You can select a different title for it so that you remember where the emails will be received on this account from.

3. Report the junk mail you get

If you keep on getting junk mail from the same sender, then it’s wise to report it. Reporting the junk mail ensures that you don’t get any more emails from the same sender. So this way at least one spammer will be out of your way for sure. To bring a particular message to the junk folder you just need to pull it and drag it to the Junk folder in the sidebar.

4. Correct false-positives

If you mistakenly filtered a legitimate email, then potentially it will cause all of the future emails from the same sender to be blocked. To make amends, you need to remove that mail from the junk folder so that you can receive emails from that sender in the future.

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