Date: January 26th, 2011

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All commercialized or non-commercialized content found on are fully copyrighted and have been registered with the authoritative U.S. Copyright Office. Every details you find on this weblog are owned by Choicehowwith the exception of a few images or videos which are credited properly. Wikis and websites linked to remain the complete property of this business forever. Effective commercial licenses have been placed on properties to bastardize any silly claims of inexact ownership on their web pages that depict actual copyrighted content. Do not copy any of our commercialized works without sending us a message unless you have the right licenses to do so. When planning to link your own content to any materials found on this weblog, you need to make sure that you utilize the contact link which is found on the homepage of it. Send an appropriate message to and state why you want to link your content to our copyrighted materials. We may grant you a chance to do that after reviewing your message unless it’s irrelevant. When linking your content to our materials, do not fail to provide the right credits and do not use our quotes because we will detect them and have them removed by the right agents or pursue a legal action. We consider plagiarism to be a crime and will deal with plagiarists accordingly. We will deal with plagiarists by making sure that they don’t damage commercialized copyrighted works on Choicehow via performing ignorant plagiaristic acts with them so that they can face criminal or civil lawsuits at the end of the day. If a plagiarist is found to be illegally using commercialized content owned by Choicehow, an appropriate legal action (civil/criminal lawsuit) will be taken swiftly. Plagiarists taking content from Choicehow and dumping them on their sites and weblogs will be reported to advertising partners like Google Adsense and hosting or ISP companies. If AdSense is not detected on blogs or websites illegally publishing our content, we will check for Kontera, Microsoft adCenter, Adbrite, YPN and other ad networks so that we can make a complaint promptly. Since Yahoo, Microsoft and Google comply with the DMCA, it will not be wise for any potential plagiarist to tamper with content owned by Choicehow and place them on his weblog or website for search engines like Yahoo Search, Bing and Google Search to index respectively. Do not use content owned by Choicehow in an utterly unauthorized manner or else you could be in ample trouble. Content are very expensive and Choicehow is solely a business. Always contact Choicehow before linking our content to yours because we will respond to your messages unless they are junk and deserve to be deleted. Lawsuits may take place occasionally when our content are illegally copied by plagiarists without our consent and when that happens, (1) will be used immediately. Taking pictures of web pages owned by Choicehow and transferring them to other sources without our consent is not acceptable. Currently, all “textual content” found on the parent domain are exclusively owned by a USCO recognized copyright claimant and bear a general pseudonym even if they are posted by different authors. You infringe our copyrighted content when you illegally take shots of our blog by devices as cameras and camcorders or frame our articles within your website. You cannot publish a portion of content we own without contacting us. Powerful archive companies contain our indexed web pages and time-stamp them albeit copyrighted works. Choicehow is a strict business weblog and will not tolerate any form of definite thievery. Choicehow does not share its revenues with any users of this site and you agree not to demand any form of compensation from using it.

(1). We will notarize websites or blogs which contain our copyrighted content without our consent and retain factual evidence (facsimiles of web pages) at all cost. In a court of law, all appropriate evidence from Choicehow will be revealed except prejudice.


You agree that the terms you find on this weblog may be updated occasionally. The moment you are logged on to the weblog of Choicehow, you agree to altered terms of services which may be modified in such a manner that additions or removals of citing may show up with immediate effect. You accept all changes even if you are logged on to this site during alterations of our terms of services. Also, you accept all changes if you are logged on to this site after modifications of our terms of services have been exercised.


You agree that all the content you find on the weblog of Choicehow will be used by you at your own risk. All content owned by Choicehow are written by experts and are in no way harmful ones. You agree that you are liable for all damages you may experience via using this site regardless of your location or computer device and will not hold Choicehow legally responsible for them. We cannot be held responsible for calamities you encounter after using content found on our weblog. If you do not agree with the full details which have been used for generating the overallTOS, leave this website by closing your web browser.



You agree to post comments which are not negative, racially, hateful and harmful in anyway while you are logged on to the weblog of Choicehow. Also, you agree not to post stolen (infringing) or abusive content which will destruct Choicehow and its affiliates from functioning well while you are using this web site. You agree your comments are solely yours and give Choicehow full authority to publish them for free. You agree not to visit our forum and post stolen content by opening unnecessary threads nor will you show interest in posting stolen comments from other blogs on posts generated through Choicehow. Your IP information will be automatically contained the moment you leave a comment on a Choicehow post. Excessively abusive comments made by offensive readers on Choicehow are controlled. IP addresses of bad users shall be banned when they violate our TOS. Choicehow does not accept spamming hence the utilization of a comment system powered by DISQUS.


Choicehow will automatically record information about your web browser the moment you land on any web pages controlled by the blog. We use certain systems to store information about users so that we can track the movement of people using this blog. Also, we track demographic information so that we can develop our blog into a unique one. You are always allowed to use certain methods to block or disable cookies which may be installed on your computer when utilizing this blog. Choicehow operates just as many websites and blogs out there and cookies are used to manage this active blog.


You agree that posting comments on Choicehow does not warrant a definite response from us. Choicehow will respond to certain comments made by readers when it is vital to do so. In such cases, any of our highly know-it-all experts will do their best to respond to your comments in a swift manner. Choicehow is handled by a group of moderators who accept and reject comments without prejudice. We do not focus our energy on responding to comments when we are supposed to be maintaining this outstanding website by supporting it with factual information virtually everyday. Choicehow is privately-owned and reserves the right to ban approved or unapproved comments at anytime. You verily agree that leaving your comments on this site gives us the right edit them freely and demand no royalties from Choicehow by leaving them open on it. You agree that you are liable for all damages that are caused by your comments and will not hold Choicehow responsible for your liabilities.

All syndicated content are powered by a third party. You agree not to tamper with content powered on this weblog in a syndicated manner. All content found on this blog through syndication are owned by their owners. You shall not copy or reproduce such content while you are on logged on to this weblog or any website owned by Choicehow.

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