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3 Ways to Avoid Getting Pregnant

If you are a young woman who wants to avoid getting impregnated by a thuggish person, you must follow the best advice by all means necessary. Fortunately, there are more than two ways of avoiding a pregnancy when living in a place that has been inhabited by an awful lot of lustful inhabitants. Essentially, you must be willing to follow the best methods if you want to avoid getting pregnant in the future. Most wise female teenagers take heed to the advice of their parents and stay away from having premarital sex especially if they are high school students who have plans to become college graduates. Teenage pregnancies are not supported by parents who want their children to have positive lives when they develop and become adults.

  1. Practice abstinence if you want to avoid getting pregnant and putting your education at risk. You must stop dating so that you can have premarital sex if you want to avoid getting pregnant. Don’t give your cell phone number to any thug who asks for it when you get on a public bus and he interrogates you. Smart young women who abhor dating could increase their chances of getting impregnated by their unwise boyfriends.
  2. One way of avoiding pregnancy is through taking advantage of contraceptives and condoms. Married women who do not want to produce babies every year must take advantage of contraceptives. It is important for women to acknowledge family planning even if they possess high net assets and live in large mansions. Contraceptives have been preventing many married women from getting impregnated by their husbands.
  3. You could avoid getting pregnant by dating impotent men. Women who have married impotent men are not going to get pregnant in the future. Of course, if you want to have kids and establish a large family, then it is advisable to marry a very potent man who can support effective reproduction. Obviously, men who experience sufficient Erectile Dysfunction (ED) problems do not produce babies.

3 Ways to Dodge the HIV/AIDS Virus

Every teenager should know all the possible ways of dodging the dangerous HIV/AIDS virus. Adults must teach young teenagers the right morals so that they can stop having premarital sex. The more relaxed parents become when they are raising teenagers, the higher their chances of causing them to contract venereal diseases. A growing number of irresponsible parents are causing their children to contract syphilis and gonorrhea by teaching them how to rent adult movies in many parts of the world. Some parents have spoiled their daughters by buying them only revealing clothes so that they can get pregnant during their teenage years. Female teenagers who wear sexy clothes are unlikely to refrain from fornicating especially if they are still high school students. A parent’s failure to teach his son how to practice abstinence can cause him to experience some serious problems eventually.

  1. Do not have premarital sex if you want to dodge the HIV/AIDS virus. If your parents want you to have sex with your closest classmate until you contract a venereal disease, oppose their ideas at all cost. One of the serious problems parents who are raising HIV-positive teens experience is stress. You and your parents will be stressed for many years if you contract a deadly Sexually-Transmitted Disease (STD) next month. Plan to live a moral lifestyle if you want to become a very healthy person. Basically, become a Christians who abhors fornication.
  2. You will be able to dodge the HIV/AIDS virus by living a clean lifestyle. Do not use heroin if you want to dodge the HIV/AIDS virus. Many drug addicts have contracted the HIV/AIDS virus by sharing filthy needles with unhealthy individuals who practice lawlessness. 
  3. Stop buying enough condoms every month if you want to dodge the HIV/AIDS virus. Do not purchase condoms at all if you are fornicating on a daily basis. The more condoms you buy on a daily basis, the higher your chances of fornicating for consecutive seasons. Primarily, some wise fornicators have realized that even wearing condoms for supporting extreme fornicatory acts is not 100% safe.

High School Students Should Be Stopped From Having Sex

Secondary high school students are still kids so they should be prevented from having premarital sex or else their lives will be ruined forever. Parents who are raising young children need to make sure that they are not supportive of premarital sex. Allowing a young teenager to have sex can cause you to experience many problems when planning to become a positive parent in the future. If you are not willing to raise sad daughters, prevent them from learning how to take advantage of condoms when they start dating their classmates. High school students are not supposed to be having sex. Basically, high school students are supposed to be focusing on their books and making plans to obtain college degrees. No parent should be allowing his son or daughter to have premarital sex because of the problems it can bring about.
Pregnant teenage girl and teenage boy in laundry room
Allowing your sons and daughters to fornicate can ruin your entire life when you become a parent. Many parents are not enjoying their lives because their young daughters are pregnant. Teenage pregnancies have been ruining the lives of many parents for decades. Just because your daughter’s high school is educating her about sex does not mean she will not get pregnant while she is still young. If your young sons and daughters do not abhor condoms but keep having premarital sex week-after-week, you are bound to face some severe issues in your life as the days go by.

How to Boost a Healthy Immune System

If our immune systems are unable to fight potent pathogens, our bodies will fail to function properly. It is certain that pathogens are very likely to damage cell-forming tissues when the immune systems of humans fail to produce the right effects all the time. When a man becomes very immune to a disease, his whole body system starts to maintain the right amounts of Red Blood Cells (RBCs) as well as White Blood Cells (WBCs) which are very intact. The thymus, stem cells, spleen, antibodies, lymph nodes and lymphokines are all part of the immune systems of human beings. In fact, a human being may fail to live long when he loses his red blood cells as well as white blood cells. The red blood cells are not unimportant at all. If you want to boost a healthy immune system you possess, review the health tips in this article.
Microscope with magnified blood cells


  • In order for you to boost a healthy immune system you have been able to develop, you need to make sure that your red blood cells are always available. Your RBCs and WBCs need to be undamaged in order for your immune system to stay strong for years. Pathogenic substances will cause your immune system to malfunction if they destroy cells that help your body to stay active. Boosting your immune system may never become a possibility for you until you block pathogenic substances from damaging it. Are you aware that a pathogenic substance can cause a person to suffer from the unusual Parkinson’s disease?
  • Stop having unprotected sex or else you will contract a bad disease like HIV/AIDS and destroy your immune system. A deadly disease like HIV/AIDS can ruin your chances of having a healthy immune system for many years. It’s your duty to keep your body safe from harmful viruses. Wearing condoms before having safe sex will not increase your chances of keeping your immune system in shape. Practicing ample abstinence will allow you to avoid contracting HIV/AIDS. Basically, many types of deadly diseases destroy cells which support our bodies and cause our overall immune systems to breakdown when we experience them. Practice a very hygienic lifestyle even if you have not taken biology (anatomy & physiology) in college before. When we live sanitary lifestyles, we limit our chances of damaging our immune systems.

Teen Problems: Teenage Pregnancy

Teenagers who want to avoid facing so many problems in their lives must make sure that they are practicing abstinence everyday. There is no way a teenager may be able to dodge a wide number of problems in his life if he is still having active premarital sex. The more sex you have as a teenager, the higher your chances of experiencing major problems in your life. Many female teenagers have ruined their lives by failing to practice abstinence. Such female teens have ruined their lives by dropping out of high schools they were attending because they wanted to protect their pregnancies. Young teenagers who are still developing do not have to have sexual intercourse in order for them to feel happy. Many U.S. high school students are being issued condoms so that they can have sex with them whenever they want. The more condoms high schools distribute to their students, the higher the annual rates of teen pregnancies in U.S. states like New York and Texas. As teenagers start wearing condoms to have sex so that they can protect themselves from STDs, they end up learning how to avoid utilizing them eventually.
Teen girl looking at pregnancy test
Parents must stop their kids from having sex if they want to protect them. A potential teenage pregnancy issue may be dodged by a wise girl who takes heed to the effective advises of her parents. Girls who are advised by their parents to practice abstinence are likely to duck teenage pregnancies. If parents do not start advising their sons and daughters to stop having sex, there is no way they will be able to help them to mature into successful adults. Many of the kids who are getting pregnant before they reach their twenties are going to be living sad lives when they reach their thirties because their parents failed to correct their immoral behaviors.

How to Avoid Getting a Serious Genital Herpes

It is not cool to contract a venereal disease at all. If you are living in a very promiscuous country, do your best to stay away from having unprotected sex unless you want to get a nasty genital herpes disease. Seriously, young boys and girls who want to have sexual intercourse are only going to increase their chances of contracting STDs like gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia and herpes. The more unprotected sex you have on a daily basis, the higher your chances of contracting a bad venereal disease. If you are unable to avoid getting a serious genital herpes disease, you may cause your life to become a very sad one in the future. Men who have herpes are not the happiest individuals on this planet. It is essential for young or old men and women to dodge the herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 (HSV-1 and HSV-2) at all cost. Here are some excellent information on how to avoid getting genital herpes.
Women with condom


  • You must fear a disease like HIV/AIDS if you want to avoid contracting a venereal disease. If you are not scared to die from HIV/AIDS, you will probably have unprotected sex all the time. Wearing a latex condom to have sex may save you from contracting a venereal disease. However, condoms are not 100% safe so you could still get sick from having protected sex in the future. Just make plans to live a positive lifestyle if you want to avoid getting genital herpes. Move to a very clean neighborhood and stop making bad friends who pressure you to date whorish ladies. Become a very religious person if you want to limit your chances of having premarital sex.
  • If you want to avoid getting genital herpes, practice absolute abstinence too. Do not become a dater who dates only pretty girls if you want to avoid getting sick soon. Men who want to avoid experiencing genital herpes must not be interested in having sex every week. Plan to practice complete abstinence if you do not want your doctor to find out that you have an incurable disease like herpes.

How to Stop Using Condoms

Basically, you are going to end up in hell if you trust condoms and fornicate with them. People who enjoy having pre-marital sex are only increasing their chances of entering hell. You are scared of hell, right? Then stop fornicating with that beautiful girl you have just met. If you keep using condoms for having protected sex, you are going to end up in big trouble in the future. Some latex condoms are not 100% safe and can burst when you wear them to perform sexual activities. You should not put your faith in mere rubbers if you want to live a very long healthy life. Any man or woman who enjoys using condoms is committing a huge sin as well as endangering his health especially if he is into practicing fornication. You are supposed to stop using condoms if you want to enter heaven because sinners are only going to be burned during Gog and Magog. Anyway, here are some excellent tips on how to stop using condoms in the future.
condom in a woman's hand


  • Condoms are not going to save you from dieing of of HIV/AIDS so you should stop trusting them. If you are using condoms, it’s probably because you are still enjoying your fornication. Extreme fornication is a sin and God abhors the act so condoms are not acceptable to Him. In order to stop using condoms, you need to become a God-fearing person. Start reading the Book of Matthew if you want to change your sinful ways.
  • You will stop using condoms if you become an eunuch. Castrated men don’t need to use condoms because they don’t crave for the sensual body parts of women. Stop watching pornographic movies and read a science book if you want to stop using condoms. Focus your energy on learning physics and you will possibly change your bad ways.

How to Avoid Getting Wife Pregnant

Women get pregnant when they have sexual intercourse with men. Only men can aid women so that they can both produce babies. Homosexuals or lesbians cannot create babies on their own. If you have a wife and want to get her pregnant, then avoid doing the wrong things in the near future. It takes months to get a woman to face impregnation. Impregnating your own wife is an acceptable thing in almost all societies around the globe. Here are some vital tips on how to avoid getting your wife pregnant in the imminent days.
Pregnant woman and man


  • Do not get sexually aroused if you want to keep your wife pregnant free. Pregnancies cannot be avoided by women who allow their partners (husbands) to have intimate relationships with them. Planning to stay away from your woman cannot happen if you are currently getting sexually aroused every second. If you are a man, you cannot prevent your sexual organ from erecting especially if your thoughts are all about impressing your wife in bed and getting her pregnant.
  • Wear condoms now. It’s safe to wear condoms when aiming to avoid impregnating your wife soon. Condoms are made solely for married people. Spilling your seed through condoms can be deemed as a partial sin by extremely religious people who have high disinterest levels in backing abortions.
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How to Stop AIDS From Spreading Quickly

If you want to stop AIDS from spreading quickly, you will have to follow the best plans which work. Normal people do not want to see the spread of HIV/AIDS elevate in the future. Here are some great tips on stopping HIV/AIDS from spreading quickly.

  • Since many people are unwilling to listen to God, they still want to have premarital sex. Fornication is a huge sin and God hates the act. However, men and women seem to break God’s commandment every second on a daily basis. Your chances of stopping AIDS from spreading quickly should not be low when counseling unmarried people to stay away from having sex. Not having premarital sex will decrease one’s chances of contracting a venereal disease.
  • Prevent people from watching porn too. Some materials induce men to have unprotected sex. If you can block a group of unmarried people from having unprotected sex, you will likely stop AIDS from spreading quickly. Condoms are not always vital.
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How to Wear Condoms Before Having Sex

All wise men and women who are looking to have premarital sex need to do the right thing. You should wear condoms before having sex with so many women. Casual sex can increase your chances of contracting venereal diseases. You need to make sure that you wearing condoms when having sex especially if you want to avoid contracting diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea and HIV/AIDS. Your chances of having sex and curtailing diseases from ruining your life will be possible if you take advantage of the details below now.
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Buy enough condoms even if you are not getting any action lately. You will be having sex during times you are not expecting it especially if you live in a very populated area. It is certainly important to have access to an awful lot of condoms. Free condoms are issued by organizations in the US and other undeveloped or developed nations. If you cannot afford condoms, depend on hospitals and institutions which value the wellness of human beings. Don’t let full-blown AIDS destroy your life soon.


  • Having access to condoms will improve your chances of wearing them when having sex. Always make sure that your room is filled with condoms if you do not want to impregnate your girlfriend.
  • Avoid thinking wearing condoms will decrease your chances of enjoying sex. A negative way of reasoning could be leading you to your death. You should start trusting condoms if you want to live now.
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