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Registering a Copyright for Your Website

When planning to develop a successful website or blog on the web, make sure that you don’t use the wrong services for copyrighting it. Using an extremely poor service for copyrighting your website or blog could cause the Office to experience problems when they decide to register it. There are many companies which operate on

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Copyright: Hotlinking Images is Criminal

Fundamental image theft is a criminal act. Many large or small companies are being ruined by content thieves who scrape materials they do not own so that they can republish them on the web to make substantial profits. A growing number of extremely bad bloggers are known for using content scraping tools for ruining copyrighted

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Penalties: Copyright or Trademark Infringement

There are penalties criminals have to face when they distribute copyrighted materials illegally. The number of content thieves who are stealing copyrighted articles and images on the web is certainly high. Many content thieves are ruining the copyright and trademark licenses of artistic people who produce genuine content on the web everyday. The internet has

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