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How to Make Fat People Happy

Just because you live in the United States of America or United Kingdom does not mean that you shouldn’t strive hard to make fat people happy. If you are looking to impress obese people who live in New York City or London, then make sure that you are using the best methods to communicate with them. Making extremely fat people unhappy is not an advisable thing. Basically, being a very happy person can increase your chances of making many people you meet in public excited. Don’t plot some evil plans to make fat people sad if you want to maintain a very positive behavior in the soon. Take advantage of the excellent tips in this article so that you can make fat people happy.
Obese Girl Band Performs At Fat Club Opening Ceremony
  • If you want to make fat people happy, then tell them positive things all the time. Instead of telling fat people to drop some weight and lose effective pounds so that they can start looking ultra cute, you should be willing to feed them nice words they generally enjoy hearing. Pamper fat people with positive quotes like “you look amazing” and “I wish I grow as huge as you are.” Some fat people will have no troubles in liking you if you can operate in a smooth way when communicating with them.
  • Feed fat people eat a lot of sweet foods all the time if you are living with them. If your sons and daughters have different weight levels, you still need to feed them on a regular basis unless they are not obese. Fat kids love eating chocolate cake and muffins so make sure that you are filling your refrigerator with extremely sweet baked foods. Buy enough cheesecakes, creamy muffins, chocolate cakes, bread puddings and stuff them inside your LG fridge for your fat wife or girlfriend. Always make sure that you feed a fat person unhealthy foods while remaining aware of a disease like diabetes since it is a dangerous one.
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3 Ways to Avoid Getting Genital Herpes

Are you worried about getting genital herpes while you are still young? Generally, unfortunate teenagers contract genital herpes in some parts of the United States of America every year. This is mainly because American teenagers keep having sex year-after year and can be compared to the ones in the U.K. or Germany. The more unprotected sex adults and young teenagers have weekly, the lower their chances of dodging genital herpes. Currently, genital herpes is untreatable even though it is just a Sexually-Transmitted Disease (STD).

  1. Do not practice an immoral lifestyle if you want to avoid contracting genital herpes. Obviously, you will contract venereal diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia and herpes if you keep having unprotected sex. People who are unable to practice abstinence are likely to get exposed to a disease like genital herpes especially if they hate wearing latex condoms.
  2. Avoid having oral sex with young prostitutes. You will probably get infected with an STD or HIV/AIDS if you keep visiting filthy brothels in India every year but oppose safe sex. People who enjoy receiving or giving oral sex to strangers are unlikely to avoid experiencing genital herpes.
  3. Also, avoid touching the genitals of people who have herpes. If your skin was broken and you exposed that area to the penis of a person who had herpes, a virus could cause you to experience such a disease. Basically, touching the blister fluid from a herpes infection with the tip of a wounded or cut finger can be very risky.

2 Ways to Avoid Experiencing Mental Retardation

Mental problems have been preventing some people from functioning positively well in societies around the globe for many generations. When a person faces Mental Retardation (MR), his Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is likely to fall below a score of 70. Of course, when the mental functioning skills of a person becomes deteriorated, he then begins to experience effective mental retardation issues. In North America, some unfortunate people are mentally retarded and seek the help of health professionals periodically.

  1. Do not expose yourself to a disease that can be fully toxic if you want to avoid facing a mental retardation problem. If you are planning to avoid becoming a mentally retarded person, you need to avoid toxins and diseases which can corrupt the way your brain functions. Diseases which are likely to cause some adults or kids to face mental retardation issues are meningitis and whooping cough. Mostly, when a person suffering from meningitis does not receive sufficient treatment, his cognitive functioning methods can be negatively affected. A toxin like mercury or lead is poisonous and can ruin the mental capacity of a human being when he is exposed to it for prolonged periods of time.
  2. Eat nutritious foods for the rest of your life if you want to avoid experiencing mental retardation. Malnourished kids are unlikely to survive mental retardation troubles especially if they live in poor countries around the world. Your daily meals must contain an awful lot of proteins, carbohydrates and fats if you want to maintain your overall cognitive functioning and adaptive behaviors from being impaired.

2 Ways to Avoid Experiencing a Heart Disease

Cardiovascular diseases can destroy the lives of young or old men and women who live in fat countries. In the United States of America, some men and women have lost their lives because they experienced dangerous heart diseases. The human heart is not immune to diseases at all. Hence, it is important for people who are living in fat countries to maintain their hearts in positive conditions. In order for you to avoid experiencing a heart disease in the future, you need to make sure that your overall lifestyle is a healthy one. People who live healthy lifestyles are unlikely to experience heart problems during their lifetime.

  1. If you want to avoid experiencing a heart disease, you need to live a healthy lifestyle. People who live healthy lifestyles tend to workout weekly. Working out in a gym to produce a healthy body should be important to you if you want to live a very healthy lifestyle for many years. Lifting heavy barbells and dumbbells to burn calories you have gained may improve your chances of dodging heart attacks in the future. You must join a modern gym in your area if you want to improve your physical fitness level and increase your probability rate of achieving a positive lifespan.
  2. Remain concerned about your overall health, cook with vegetables and avoid consuming fatty foods. You will probably become obese if you are consuming high levels of fatty foods everyday. People who want to avoid experiencing heart attacks must control their intake of unhealthy foods. Visiting a fast food restaurant to order fried shrimp everyday may reduce your chances of growing into a skinny person and surviving a malignant heart attack.

3 Ways to Dodge the HIV/AIDS Virus

Every teenager should know all the possible ways of dodging the dangerous HIV/AIDS virus. Adults must teach young teenagers the right morals so that they can stop having premarital sex. The more relaxed parents become when they are raising teenagers, the higher their chances of causing them to contract venereal diseases. A growing number of irresponsible parents are causing their children to contract syphilis and gonorrhea by teaching them how to rent adult movies in many parts of the world. Some parents have spoiled their daughters by buying them only revealing clothes so that they can get pregnant during their teenage years. Female teenagers who wear sexy clothes are unlikely to refrain from fornicating especially if they are still high school students. A parent’s failure to teach his son how to practice abstinence can cause him to experience some serious problems eventually.

  1. Do not have premarital sex if you want to dodge the HIV/AIDS virus. If your parents want you to have sex with your closest classmate until you contract a venereal disease, oppose their ideas at all cost. One of the serious problems parents who are raising HIV-positive teens experience is stress. You and your parents will be stressed for many years if you contract a deadly Sexually-Transmitted Disease (STD) next month. Plan to live a moral lifestyle if you want to become a very healthy person. Basically, become a Christians who abhors fornication.
  2. You will be able to dodge the HIV/AIDS virus by living a clean lifestyle. Do not use heroin if you want to dodge the HIV/AIDS virus. Many drug addicts have contracted the HIV/AIDS virus by sharing filthy needles with unhealthy individuals who practice lawlessness. 
  3. Stop buying enough condoms every month if you want to dodge the HIV/AIDS virus. Do not purchase condoms at all if you are fornicating on a daily basis. The more condoms you buy on a daily basis, the higher your chances of fornicating for consecutive seasons. Primarily, some wise fornicators have realized that even wearing condoms for supporting extreme fornicatory acts is not 100% safe.

How to Avoid Eating Feces Like Dogs

Don’t stop your playful dogs from eating their own feces so that you can hide indoors and feast on such matter in a secret way. Dog feces are probably being eaten by some people across the globe. Some uncultured dogs have been eating stools since God created this universe hence they aren’t different from the pornographers who practice coprophagy. Dogs and humans who eat feces are practicing coprophagy, a disgusting act, which should never be supported at all cost. If you want to avoid eating feces like dogs, then check out the simple tips in this fantastic article.
Dog eating scraps from plate between children (6-8) at kitchen table
  • You shouldn’t move to a place which will cause you to accept the awful smell of dung and increase your chances of practicing coprophagy. Cowboy wannabes who are used to the smell of dung are only increasing their chances of eating feces in the future. The more appealing feces looks to you, the higher your chances of practicing coprophagy. You could be munching on dry feculence in the future if you love the smell of your own feces already.
  • Avoid living an alternative lifestyle if you want to avoid eating feces like dogs. Homosexuals or Roman Catholic priests are possibly introducing unwanted dry matter into their mouths on a daily basis. Respect yourself and live a normal lifestyle so that you can differentiate between feces and healthy foods. Would you doubt that most homosexual men practice coprophagy? Also, avoid moving to a starving nation if you do not want to eat feces like dogs. Eating feces can cause you to experience an infectious disease as Hepatitis A so don’t move to an area which will cause you to think your feces is edible. Do you know the Jews ate feces when Vespasian decided to destroy their Jewish temple and surrounded it with deadly warriors? Countries which have low GDP levels will only cause their natives to start cooking with feces if they do not support capitalism.

The Disease AIDS is Present for a Reason

There is a possibility that the disease AIDS is present for a reason. Every living thing we find on this planet has been created for a sheer reason. The HIV/AIDS virus is in existence for a reason so it is not wholly negative at all. Almost every living thing that exists in our world can produce positive and negative effects. Human beings are created by God and Genesis 1:1 makes perfect sense than the recorded nonsensical evolutionary writings of Charles Darwin. The God of heaven is responsible for all the white blood cells which support our immune systems. Basically, the red blood cells that keep all humans active are not bought by us. When humans are created, we receive our body systems from the Creator even if they are defective.
AIDS is an immunodeficiency disease in which Herpes Simplex can be superimposed. The Herpes infection can be noted as painful blisters but there can be complete healing of eruption between episodes. The two types of Herpes are 1 and 2 with 2 being genital Herpes. The white blood cell is involved in the infection with Herpes as the cell's immune response is lowered in AIDS. AIDS PT:HERPES SIMPLEX PHOTOMICROGRAPH x400

Creationists believe that there is a deity who created heaven and earth so they are likely to reject evolution. God allowed AIDS to remain present in our world to punish people who practice immoral lifestyles (Hebrews 13:4). Homosexuals and adulterers or fornicators are against divine rules which bar them from having sex. So, since this planet we are living in is loaded with an awful lot of sinners who practice sexual immorality, the HIV/AIDS virus was allowed by the Creator to remain present for a potent reason. The Creator could have shut down the HIV/AIDS virus if He wanted to do that for His creations.

How to Boost a Healthy Immune System

If our immune systems are unable to fight potent pathogens, our bodies will fail to function properly. It is certain that pathogens are very likely to damage cell-forming tissues when the immune systems of humans fail to produce the right effects all the time. When a man becomes very immune to a disease, his whole body system starts to maintain the right amounts of Red Blood Cells (RBCs) as well as White Blood Cells (WBCs) which are very intact. The thymus, stem cells, spleen, antibodies, lymph nodes and lymphokines are all part of the immune systems of human beings. In fact, a human being may fail to live long when he loses his red blood cells as well as white blood cells. The red blood cells are not unimportant at all. If you want to boost a healthy immune system you possess, review the health tips in this article.
Microscope with magnified blood cells


  • In order for you to boost a healthy immune system you have been able to develop, you need to make sure that your red blood cells are always available. Your RBCs and WBCs need to be undamaged in order for your immune system to stay strong for years. Pathogenic substances will cause your immune system to malfunction if they destroy cells that help your body to stay active. Boosting your immune system may never become a possibility for you until you block pathogenic substances from damaging it. Are you aware that a pathogenic substance can cause a person to suffer from the unusual Parkinson’s disease?
  • Stop having unprotected sex or else you will contract a bad disease like HIV/AIDS and destroy your immune system. A deadly disease like HIV/AIDS can ruin your chances of having a healthy immune system for many years. It’s your duty to keep your body safe from harmful viruses. Wearing condoms before having safe sex will not increase your chances of keeping your immune system in shape. Practicing ample abstinence will allow you to avoid contracting HIV/AIDS. Basically, many types of deadly diseases destroy cells which support our bodies and cause our overall immune systems to breakdown when we experience them. Practice a very hygienic lifestyle even if you have not taken biology (anatomy & physiology) in college before. When we live sanitary lifestyles, we limit our chances of damaging our immune systems.

How to Avoid Stepping in Dog Poop

You should not be willing to step in a dog poop if you want your carpet to smell very fresh. Bad dogs defecate in any locations they chose especially if their owners leave them to roam about freely. You must make sure that you are not stepping in dog poop when living in a very populous setting in America or Europe. Dogs love pooping in clean neighborhoods so remain careful when visiting unclean areas. Possibly, becoming rich and moving to a very nice area in Southern California may never stop you from seeing dog poop once in a while. Here are some suggestions to help you to avoid stepping in dog poop when you are not indoors.

40357, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Sunday May 9 2010. Ah! Young Love! John Krasinski and Emily Blunt pick up their pooches poops as the engaged couple take their dogs for a walk in Manhattan. The stars are in the Big Apple whilst John shoots the romantic comedy Something Borrowed alongside Drew Barrymore and Ginnifer Goodwin. Photograph:

  • If you want to avoid stepping in dog poop, relocate to the right place. Moving to a place where people obey its laws will help you to avoid stepping in dog poop. Some neighborhoods are filled with people who do not follow city laws which encourage sanitary practices. Move out of an unclean ghetto if you want to stop stepping in dog poop. Some pets are not being taken care of properly because they are owned by lawless individuals who live in poor areas in many parts of the world.
  • Always make sure that you position your head properly when walking down an unfamiliar street. Avoid lifting your head up when walking in a neighborhood that is loaded with diseased canines. You should not frequent areas that have been inhabited by bad German Shepherds and American Pit Bull Terriers if you want to avoid stepping in a pile of stinky dog poop tomorrow.

How to Euthanize a Monkey

Mercy killing allows many people to cause the lives of their animals to expire. Sometimes, it’s just important to depend on euthanasia to get rid of an animal which may not be functioning literally well. Many human beings are killed in the United States through acts which involve actual euthanasia. When you commit a crime in Texas and you deserve to lose your life, a judge can order you to killed by electrocution. Euthanizing a monkey is a not bad thing as pets like fish, rabbits, hamsters, dogs and cats experience so many types of killings everyday. Mercy killing is a positive thing and the essential details below show you how to euthanize a monkey.
Chinese Doctors Operate Plastic Surgery On A Monkey


  • Use lethal injection to euthanize a weak monkey and it will die eventually. Electrocuting your own monkey will not cause you to euthanize it properly. Efficient electricity can be used to kill animals and human beings but it fails to support efficient euthanasia. If you want to become a powerful euthanasiast, then use lethal injection to kill your monkey legally.
  • Firstly, anesthetize your pet if you want to euthanize it. Using professional ways for euthanizing a pet you want to kill can be very beneficial. Injecting a potent barbiturate into the bloodstream of a mammal will cause it stop breathing eventually. If a dangerous diseases is causing your monkey to lose its normal way of functioning, then it’s time to stop following an organization like PETA around. End your monkey’s life if it deserves to be euthanized. 
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