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How to Eat Cockroaches

Amazingly, there are many insect-eating people in our soon-to-be-destroyed world. Eating snakes is not a bizarre thing hence you should start thinking about eating cockroaches like some Chinese men who do not know the information in the Bible (Leviticus). Do not go about eating cockroaches if you are a Believer because the Bible forbids men and women from eating disgusting creatures. Basically, some cockroaches are reared by Asians so that they can be used for cooking soups or stews. If black people love eating fried chicken, expect almost all Asians to be fanatics of well-cooked cockroaches and beetles. God gives human beings access to all types of things which crawl on this earth as food and He states that in Genesis 9:3. Don’t let PETA prevent you from cooking with tasty-looking animals. Superbly, it’s only acceptable to eat cockroaches if you are not aware that such insects are detestable to the Creator.

  • Find an Asian market which allows its buyers to purchase cockroaches they can utilize for cooking certain types of dishes. In some parts of the world, cockroaches can be found in cupboards so if you do not live in Asia, keep searching your kitchen for such disgusting insects. Cockroaches love inhabiting filthy kitchens so if you are living an untidy lifestyle, they will never stop bothering you.
  • Remove the wings of the cockroaches you are about to eat.
  • Season your insects with good spices to make them taste delicious.
  • Frying cockroaches with a vegetable cooking oil is advisable. Well-fried cockroaches can be eaten with honey or any sweet sauce. Watch the Youtube video above and learn how people eat disgusting-looking roaches in certain parts of the world.

How to Kill Cockroaches in Your Kitchen

Are there many roaches in your kitchen and infecting your family with a disease like diarrhea? Cockroaches can act as disease carriers when they crawl over filthy matter to but their way into your LG fridge. Essentially, cockroaches are filthy insects which spread diseases in many unclean houses everyday. If you have bought a new home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and roaches are visibly found inside it, then you need to contact some exterminators in the future. Usually, cockroaches are found in old homes which have so many spaces for orthopterous insects to take advantage of. Evil cockroaches can be found in the unclean bathrooms, kitchens, garages and bedrooms of many houses in both developed and undeveloped nations. Do not plan to kill off roaches that are swimming inside your bathtub unless you have good knowledge about how to carry out such an action. Check out the essential information in this article if you want to kill cockroaches in your kitchen tomorrow.


  • Killing cockroaches that are found inside your kitchen can be done through taking advantage of effective pesticides which work very well. Boric acid is a good pesticide that can kill off pests which are destroying your cupboards and several important properties in numerous ways. You must buy enough boric acid pesticides for killing cockroaches which are destroying your kitchen. Visit a Walgreens store and buy some pesticides for killing roaches.
  • Read the instructions which allow you to use boric acid and get rid all the roaches which are found inside your home.
  • Practice a hygienic lifestyle all the time if you want to avoid dealing with cockroaches. Always keep your kitchen and garages neat to prevent insects like cockroaches from ruining your life. Tidy kitchens are despised by bad cockroaches which spread so many types of diseases to their hosts as parasites.

How to Avoid Getting Sick From Mosquito Bites

If you are looking to avoid a disease like malaria, you need to despise mosquitoes at all cost. Certain insects are likely to get many people to become sick if they are not controlled and destroyed tactically. There is no perfect doubt that living in a very untidy place can increase your chances of becoming sick and dying from a disease like malaria. Yes, malaria has been killing some people in many places for years. So, you are not going to avoid getting sick from mosquito bites if you are doing the wrong things everyday.
Patients suffering from dengue fever rests on a bed covered by a mosquito net at the Alonso Suazo hospital in Tegucigalpa July 20, 2010. REUTERS/Edgard Garrido (HONDURAS - Tags: POLITICS HEALTH)
Mosquitoes love living in dirty swampy places so that they can increase their chances of spreading yellow fever. If you are living next to swamps, do not leave the doors and windows of your new home open or else mosquitoes will bother you in the future. Dirty mosquitoes which suck the blood of human beings do not love clean gutters and tidy people who practice the right personal hygiene. For enough information about mosquitoes and malaria, read the article below.

Malaria and mosquitoes which cause such a disease

How to Avoid Getting Malaria

If you want to avoid getting malaria, there are many excellent procedures you need to carry out in the future in the future in order to protect your skin from encountering insect bites. Malaria is a very dangerous disease which can cause you to lose your life once you acquire it and it’s caused by mosquitoes. Basically, mosquitoes are dangerous insects which suck the blood of men and women to make them sick. Many kids get a disease like yellow fever and die when mosquitoes bite them to cause them to encounter malaria. No, you should not be scared of only HIV/AIDS if you are living in a very untidy area at the moment. In fact, you should be scared of diabetes, cancer, malaria and HIV/AIDS because they are overly dangerous diseases which can destroy rich or poor people. Without using proper techniques, you will fail to avoid getting malaria in the not-too-distant future. If you really want to avoid getting malaria, then check out the helpful tips below.


  • Malaria is a very common disease in places which fail to deal with mosquitoes which act parasitic to harm human beings. Swamps help mosquitoes to spread malaria rapidly if they are heavily stagnant. Africa is not the only continent that is filled with filthy swamps because Europe, Asia and North America or Central America all contain places which produce malaria cases. Essentially, you are only going to die of malaria if you live in places that are filled with contaminated water. Mosquitoes enjoy laying their eggs in contaminated solutions hence aim to live in tidy settings in the future. If you are being bitten by mosquitoes on a daily basis, you will not be able to avoid getting malaria. Keep gutters found around your house in neat conditions to prevent your chances of dieing from high fever when mosquitoes plan to attack you and other people they can turn into hosts. Clear mosquitoes out of areas they are likely to inhabit by using effective methods because they are parasites which can cause havoc to babies or adults.
  • In order to avoid getting malaria, you need to make your body immune to their attacks. Always take vaccinations which allow you to handle mosquito bites when traveling to tropical rainforests.

How to Prevent Bug Bites (Insects)

Use the best strategies for fighting bugs which enjoy biting the skins of humans. If you have bought a new house, don’t start thinking bugs may not be able to enter your bedroom and bite your back when having sex with your wife. If you love living an unclean lifestyle, you deserve to be disturbed by bloodsucking bugs of the known family Cimicidae. Bedbugs have been biting filthy men and women for many years as they are harmful parasites. If you don’t want to become a host to a parasite like a bedbug, you need to live a clean way of life. The simple tips below show you how to prevent bug bites (insects) from occurring in the future.
Exterminators Tackle Growing U.S. Bed Bug Problem


  • Stay away from unclean rooms if you want to prevent bugs from biting your soft skin tomorrow. Living in a very untidy house can subject you to harmful insects like cockroaches, mosquitoes and bed bugs which spread diseases frequently. Always strive hard to keep your bedrooms, bathroom and kitchens in clean states. Don’t live like an Indian who lives in a filthy slum if you want to prevent bug bites from ruining the texture of your skin. Make some plans to establish a very healthy lifestyle now.
  • Wash your bedspreads and pillow covers weekly. Pillowcases you sleep on need to be absolutely clean if you want to avoid getting bitten by a bedbug. Evil bedbugs operate in the nights and enjoy sucking the blood of dirty people who hate taking regular showers. When any part of your body receives a wound and brings out frequent blood, treat it well. Primarily, when bedspreads become contaminated with blood, they can invite bedbugs to inhabit them. So, washing your bedspreads regularly is important. Don’t live a very nasty way of life if you hate bedbugs since they are hemipterous insects which behave parasitically. Always sleep on clean beds too. Extremely dirty beds should be avoided at all cost.
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