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How to Make Fat People Happy

Just because you live in the United States of America or United Kingdom does not mean that you shouldn’t strive hard to make fat people happy. If you are looking to impress obese people who live in New York City or London, then make sure that you are using the best methods to communicate with them. Making extremely fat people unhappy is not an advisable thing. Basically, being a very happy person can increase your chances of making many people you meet in public excited. Don’t plot some evil plans to make fat people sad if you want to maintain a very positive behavior in the soon. Take advantage of the excellent tips in this article so that you can make fat people happy.
Obese Girl Band Performs At Fat Club Opening Ceremony
  • If you want to make fat people happy, then tell them positive things all the time. Instead of telling fat people to drop some weight and lose effective pounds so that they can start looking ultra cute, you should be willing to feed them nice words they generally enjoy hearing. Pamper fat people with positive quotes like “you look amazing” and “I wish I grow as huge as you are.” Some fat people will have no troubles in liking you if you can operate in a smooth way when communicating with them.
  • Feed fat people eat a lot of sweet foods all the time if you are living with them. If your sons and daughters have different weight levels, you still need to feed them on a regular basis unless they are not obese. Fat kids love eating chocolate cake and muffins so make sure that you are filling your refrigerator with extremely sweet baked foods. Buy enough cheesecakes, creamy muffins, chocolate cakes, bread puddings and stuff them inside your LG fridge for your fat wife or girlfriend. Always make sure that you feed a fat person unhealthy foods while remaining aware of a disease like diabetes since it is a dangerous one.

2 Ways to Stop Kids From Dropping Out of School

Kids who are not willing to stay in school are going to experience big problems when they grow up and look for excellent jobs in New York, Texas, California and New Hampshire. Obviously, most high-paying jobs require their holders to hold exceptional college degrees especially if they are offered by profitable corporations. High school students who are planning to become movie actors or musicians will not have to worry about obtaining college degrees especially if they possess outstanding talents. Possibly, some acting jobs may not be offered to individuals who don’t possess high school diplomas. Moreover, some entertainment jobs are hard to acquire in many parts of the world. Kids who graduate from high schools and enroll at senior colleges to obtain advanced degrees in medicine or law are unlikely to experience huge troubles when they look for jobs in their locations during times the world economy is improving rapidly.

  1. Block your kids from making the wrong friends if you want them to stay in school. If you are planning to become a positive parent, make sure your kids don’t hang around the wrong individuals. Peer pressure has caused some kids to drop out of school and chase goals they cannot accomplish. If your son or daughter wants to become the world’s best cocaine dealer, he will probably drop out of school before he turns 16.
  2. Parents who want to stop their kids from dropping out school must alert them of the benefits of a good education. If your kids don’t have plans to become college graduates in the future, it is your duty to warn them about some of the dangers minimum wage jobs can bring about in capitalist societies. Essentially, wage slavery has been destroying the lives of many people for awhile so make sure your kids don’t experience such a situation.

2 Ways to Avoid Experiencing Mental Retardation

Mental problems have been preventing some people from functioning positively well in societies around the globe for many generations. When a person faces Mental Retardation (MR), his Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is likely to fall below a score of 70. Of course, when the mental functioning skills of a person becomes deteriorated, he then begins to experience effective mental retardation issues. In North America, some unfortunate people are mentally retarded and seek the help of health professionals periodically.

  1. Do not expose yourself to a disease that can be fully toxic if you want to avoid facing a mental retardation problem. If you are planning to avoid becoming a mentally retarded person, you need to avoid toxins and diseases which can corrupt the way your brain functions. Diseases which are likely to cause some adults or kids to face mental retardation issues are meningitis and whooping cough. Mostly, when a person suffering from meningitis does not receive sufficient treatment, his cognitive functioning methods can be negatively affected. A toxin like mercury or lead is poisonous and can ruin the mental capacity of a human being when he is exposed to it for prolonged periods of time.
  2. Eat nutritious foods for the rest of your life if you want to avoid experiencing mental retardation. Malnourished kids are unlikely to survive mental retardation troubles especially if they live in poor countries around the world. Your daily meals must contain an awful lot of proteins, carbohydrates and fats if you want to maintain your overall cognitive functioning and adaptive behaviors from being impaired.

2 Types of Video Games for Kids

Are you looking to purchase the best video games for kids who are still developing rapidly? Kids who are still being nurtured by you should not be playing the wrong video games if you are their parents and concerned about their overall lives. Parents must make sure that they are not purchasing the wrong types of video games for their kids regardless of their locations. Relocating to Compton, Los Angeles does not mean you should start purchasing improver video games for developing kids. Buying bad video games for your children to play can cause them to learn so many types of negative behaviors. Would you purchase video games which teach your kid how to steal money from a bank? All parents must make plans to buy proper video games for their children.

  1. Buy educative video games for kids who are still in school. Companies like Microsoft and Sony have been manufacturing excellent consoles which play excellent teen video games. Developing teens must be willing to play puzzle games on their video game consoles every Sunday. The best arcade or puzzles games help many teenagers to become critical thinkers as they play them on a daily basis. Chime is a good video game for fanatics of Xbox 360.
  2. Plan to buy non-violent video games for your kids. Sporting video games like Madden NFL 12 and NBA 2K11 or PES 2011 are all good for kids who play football, basketball and soccer respectively. If your kids are wholly athletic ones, then start buying them the latest sports video games which are manufactured by Konami and EA Sports. Kids should not be given access to violent video games which can corrupt their overall behaviors.

2 Ways to Become a Productive Teenager

Teenagers are supposed to become productive especially if they are living with their parents. When teenagers become productive, they are able to help their parents in many positive ways. Teenagers who manage to find summer jobs seasonally are unlikely to demand money from their parents. Many parents do not have plans to offer their money to their kids especially during summer seasons as they have so many bills to handle. Possibly, teens who obtain summer jobs every season help their parents to save some money annually. Essentially, productive teenagers are undoubtedly benign ones.

  1. A teenager can become very productive by obtaining a summer job. High school students who are enjoying summer holidays must plan to work at fast food restaurants so that they can make some money. Summer recesses give many hardworking U.S. high school students adequate opportunities to remain employed. McDonald’s gives California high school students opportunities to retain part-time jobs during summer recesses.
  2. Productive teenagers help their parents everyday. Many productive teenagers handle sufficient house chores week-after-week and give their parents opportunities to relax. Some teenagers know how to use lawnmowers and can fix house appliances (radios, microwaves, fridges) without experiencing any major problems. Unproductive teenagers are the ones who eat all the food their parents place inside refrigerators and never plan to look for jobs during summer seasons.

2 Ways to Marry a Beautiful Woman

Marrying a beautiful woman may not prevent you from producing cute kids. When cute couples start new families, they are likely to produce some of the most cutest babies. Planning to raise cute sons and daughters without making clever efforts to marry a very cute woman can be very problematic in the long run. Of course, you may have to marry a very cute lady in order to increase your chances of marrying a very beautiful woman in the future.

  1. If you want to marry a beautiful woman, you need to move to a country which is known for inhabiting only cute people. You will probably find a beautiful woman to marry if you live in Sweden and the United States of America. Relocating to a place that has been inhabited by only cute people may increase your chances of finding a very beautiful woman to marry. Usually, large cities are likely to inhabit adequate beautiful women as compared to small towns.
  2. You must have access to enough money if you want to marry a beautiful woman. Most rich men are not cute but they are able to marry beautiful women and maintain them for prolonged periods of time. Your own net assets could limit your probability rate of marrying a very attractive woman when living in a capitalist nation. Most rich men who make millions of dollars every year are able to marry extremely beautiful women because of their pricey material possessions.

Getting Kids to Read Exciting Books

Parents must be willing to teach their kids how to read exciting books which can enrich their knowledge levels for many years. The more children read important books, the higher their chances of becoming knowledgeable. There is no doubt that smart kids who read positive books are likely to grow into knowledgeable adults. It is important for fathers and mothers to use efficient ways for teaching their kids how to read astonishing books. Fictional and non-fictional books are generally good for kids who are have just become teenagers. Planning to teach your seven-year old how to read advanced books before he becomes a teenager can yield some beneficial results for you to witness eventually.

  1. Block developing kids from practicing outgoing lifestyles during their early years if you want to get them to start reading interesting books. If all your kids want to date new girlfriends on a daily basis, they will probably have no time for reading their books. You must control where your kids spend their time after they come home from their schools. It is vital for every parent to control the whereabouts of his teenage kids no matter his socio-economic status. The more controlling you become as a parent, the higher your chances of raising successful book readers. Make sure your kid does not live an outgoing lifestyle.
  2. Obtain library cards for your kids and stop them from watching television on a daily basis. The kind of parents who are able to raise successful young book readers depend on useful parenting methods so that they can achieve affirmative results. Every parent who wants to make his kids enjoy reading exciting books must obtain library cards for them. There are many public libraries in U.S. cities like Manhattan and Miami so help your kids to become book readers in the future. Do not keep buying video games for your daughters and sons if they are not reading scientific books thoroughly.

Getting Along With People You Don’t Like

Getting along with people you don’t like can be a very tough thing to do when living in a very unpleasant place. The people who do not want to make you happy should be handled by you in a very positive way at all cost. Making positive plans to attack people you do not like is not an advisable thing at all. Obviously, you may never be able to get along with people you do not like until you develop some effective plans to manage them like a non-temperamental individual. You would not be experiencing ample troubles when planning to get along with people you do not like especially if your overall methods for handling them are fully efficient.

  1. Remain nice if you want to get along with people you don’t like no matter your gender. Becoming a mean person and planning to accept the behaviors of people who sadden you can be very negative in the long run. It is important for you to smile and communicate with your enemies on a daily basis. Do not frown when you see the faces of people you do not like especially if you want to get along with them. Aiming to become a very social person can increase your chances of resolving problems you experience when dealing with extremely annoying people you do not like. Invite your annoying neighbors to a barbecue party next month.
  2. If you want to get along with people you don’t like, act like a developed person too. Acting like an adult allows you to cope with the total acts of childish people who annoy you all the time. It is important for you to act like a matured individual when aiming to get along with people who want to make your overall life sad. Acting like a kid when dealing with your annoying neighbors or co-workers can be awfully disadvantageous at the end of the day.

High School Students Should Be Stopped From Having Sex

Secondary high school students are still kids so they should be prevented from having premarital sex or else their lives will be ruined forever. Parents who are raising young children need to make sure that they are not supportive of premarital sex. Allowing a young teenager to have sex can cause you to experience many problems when planning to become a positive parent in the future. If you are not willing to raise sad daughters, prevent them from learning how to take advantage of condoms when they start dating their classmates. High school students are not supposed to be having sex. Basically, high school students are supposed to be focusing on their books and making plans to obtain college degrees. No parent should be allowing his son or daughter to have premarital sex because of the problems it can bring about.
Pregnant teenage girl and teenage boy in laundry room
Allowing your sons and daughters to fornicate can ruin your entire life when you become a parent. Many parents are not enjoying their lives because their young daughters are pregnant. Teenage pregnancies have been ruining the lives of many parents for decades. Just because your daughter’s high school is educating her about sex does not mean she will not get pregnant while she is still young. If your young sons and daughters do not abhor condoms but keep having premarital sex week-after-week, you are bound to face some severe issues in your life as the days go by.

How to Handle Your Father and Mother

Your parents should be utterly important to you no matter where you live in the world. If you start loving yourself, you will encounter no troubles in handling your father and mother in the right way. Some kids are failing to handle their parents the right way and keep hurting themselves emotionally. Failing to use the best communicating techniques for handling your parents can be very detrimental in the long run. You will need to use the right methods to deal with your parents and all the bad attitudes they exhibit towards you. Here are some excellent tips on how to handle your dad and mom in the near future.
Woman with son and daughter (15-17) outdoors, smiling


  • Remain very calm if you want to handle your father and mother. If you are living with your parents, there is no need for you to live a temperamental lifestyle. You will not handle your old parents very well if you are always getting angry for no reason. Basically, you need to calm down when dealing with your father and mother even if you think they are annoying. Angry young men are likely to cause big troubles when they are living with their parents. Don’t become an angry young man or woman if you want to avoid beating your father to death next month. Becoming a feisty person when living with an extremely annoying father or mother is not advisable at all.
  • Move out of your parent’s house and support yourself. Living with your parents during your twenties can be very tough especially when living in a capitalist society like the United States of America or United Kingdom. Your chances of handling your father and mother well will be low if you are in your thirties and keep getting fed by them.
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