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3 Ways to Choose a Good Web Hosting Company

If you want to be hosting web content (articles, images, videos), then you must do business with the right company. There are thousands of hosting companies which keep wasting the time of webmasters every year. So, if you wanted to build a successful website or blog on the web, you would have to avoid doing business with incompetent web hosting companies. Basically, there are bad and good hosting companies doing business in the U.S. Most good U.S. hosting companies allow their users to take advantage of cPanel, a Unix based web hosting control panel that gives its users access to a powerful graphical interface and automation tools. A cPanel can support the way a hosting service hosts a website on the internet. Unfortunately, not all hosts which have access to Unix based control panels are effective.


  1. Choose a web hosting company that is not affiliated with WordPress unless your relative owns it. If you wanted to use Bluehost for hosting your web content, you would have to deal with its nonsensical CPU Throttling feature every week. If all web hosts had to deal with the CPU Throttling feature of Bluehost, they would be out of business. Choose a web hosting company which understands how to log information about websites or blogs it hosts.
  2. Always choose a web hosting company which will not cause you to become poor. The monthly or annual charges which are being billed to the credit card and PayPal accounts of webmasters could cause them to become bankrupt. You need to take advantage of hosting companies which offer affordable services. Do your own research about affordable hosting companies by using the internet for finding efficient reviews about tech companies which serve web content.
  3. A web hosting companies which can allow its customer to have access to more than 250 GB disk space on a shared hosting account is not a bad one at all. Generally, a shared web hosting service must allow its user to have access to enough monthly data transfer and disk space so that it can become a very productive one. Also, a non-phony 99.99% Unix uptime, FTP access and extensive programming language support services from web hosts are vital ones.

How to Ban a Spammer From Your Blog

If you have connected your old WordPress or Blogger blog to a social networking website like Twitter, that may make it easy for spammers to locate your fresh posts and bother you everyday. Posting your blog posts to a Twitter account which is being followed by spammers can cause you to experience some troubles when planning to become a well-respected pro blogger who is able to accrue a high salary every year. Are you planning to possess and utilize the best tools for banning spammers from your own blog? If your answer to the previous question is “yes,” then check out the hints in this tech article now.


  • Use a hosting account for controlling spammers who visit your blog. If you want to have a better control at managing spammers, you must create your own website and host its files through an excellent hosting company. Creating a website through Weebly or Yola may stop you from gaining access to hosting server tools which will enable you to control some spammers who keep giving you problems. Most webmasters don’t create blogs through Blogger (Blogspot) because Google does not give them access to its hosting account.
  • Use comment systems for banning spammers from your blog. When you create a WordPress blog which is supported with powerful plugins and take advantage of Disqus or IntenseDebate commenting tools, you will probably be able to start banning all the evil spammers who visit it on a daily basis. Disqus will allow you to use a simple static IP address banning tool for checking all the destructive visitors who visit your website as trolls.

How to Use Blogger Blogspot for Blogging Online

Successful feelancers who operate on the internet through using and Blogger (Blogspot) don’t have to pay for hosting fees when they use the free blogging services which are offered by these two publishing companies. Google’s Blogspot aids trivial bloggers who want to setup frugal blogs hence it’s not different from and Blogger (Blogspot) are popular developer-hosted publishing platforms which enable bloggers to run cost-effective blogs on the web. If you want to use Blogger Blogspot for blogging online, there are many processes you will have to go through so that you can start your journey to become a millionaire. Here are some tips on how to use Blogger Blogspot for blogging on the internet.


  • Open a Gmail account if you want to use Blogger Blogspot for publishing simple blog posts. If you can read emails through Gmail, you certainly have a Google Account.
  • Log on to the website of Blogger afterwards.
  • Register for a free Blogspot blog and start creating posts online. Blogger has updated its list of templates and the designer tools it’s offering to professional bloggers have been modernized too. Blogspot blogs are free but they don’t produce traffic from China because of the current totalitarian government that country possesses. You will not be able to upload files from your Blogspot blog to hosting servers via FTP. Blogspot and Blogger are managed by Google hence you don’t need to have a hosting server when using its current services for supporting your publishing needs as a professional blogger who yearns to make passive income online.

How to Get a Free Domain Name for Hosting Content

If you are planning to host content on the internet, you may be able to obtain a free domain name from a valid registrar. This is mainly because there are some excellent hosting companies which are willing to offer free domain names to consumers around the globe. If you want to run several WordPress blogs through depending on exceptional U.S. hosting companies, you may be able to get free domain names without paying a dime. Are you looking for a way to get a free domain for hosting content on the internet? If your answer to the aforecited question is “yes,” then check out the excellent hints in this tech article.


  • If you want to get a free domain name for hosting content on the web, make important plans to create a new website or blog. Having a plan for creating two great WordPress or Joomla websites may give you a chance to obtain a free domain name through renowned hosting services. If you wanted to get a free domain name for hosting your commercial content on the internet, you would have to have some exceptional plans for developing new websites or blogs. Create a plan to run two websites on the web next month.
  • Obtain a hosting account through DreamHost or Bluehost if you want to get a free domain name for hosting your content on the internet. Registering for a new hosting account through Bluehost may give you a chance to obtain a free domain you will be able to renew with a voucher every year. Bluehost and DreamHost give many WordPress users access to quality hosting servers. Of course, there may be some registrars which are offering consumers opportunities to obtain .COM or .ORG domain names for free on the web. Go Daddy and eNom could offer free domain names to consumers in the future.



Installing a WordPress Favicon On an Unusual Theme

Almost all WordPress themes allow their users to make changes to them without giving them an awful lot of problems. If you have transferred your Blogger (Blogspot) blog to Automattic’s WordPress publishing platform and downloaded a new theme to use on the web, your chances of updating its editor will be high. This is mainly because editing WordPress themes is as removing information from a Blogger template. The best way of installing a WordPress favicon on an unusual theme is via taking advantage of a good hosting service. Using the services of Bluehost or DreamHost may probably give you a chance to install a WordPress favicon which has been formulated as an icon with ample ease. Usually, a hosting company like Bluehost installs a temporary favicon on your newly created WordPress blogs if you are relying on its SimpleScripts software.

Always take advantage of essential plugins when planning to install a WordPress favicon on your personal or business blog so that you can increase its chances of producing a high recognition rate when it’s bookmarked through web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. A WordPress plugin as JR Favicon may allow you to install a favicon on your blog without experiencing any problems if you are familiar with general web root information which are controlled by hosting companies.

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